Month: August 2019

Green Ravine

Where water meets soil and digs deep furrows in the sandy rock, trees provide shade and contain the humidity, the ravine creates unique habitats at all scales.

Anthropocentric Aberration

“If humanism puts an end to all religion and spirituality, […] we should ask [of humanism]: human as opposed to what? If the answer is as opposed to non-human animals/ to nature, then we can unmask humanism; unmask it as simply an unwarranted attitude of superiority to the rest of creation.

Grenzen des Wachstums

“Less frenetic human activity would be better in itself, even regardless of the ecological consequences of excess human activity. Let’s have wiser human activity. That will include: there being less of it. But not just less of the same; less and different. We should not support dreams that point in the opposite direction to this wisdom.”1

What we leave

“yes, we’re currently warping the chemistry of the atmosphere and oceans violently, and in ways that have analogues in only a few terrifying chapters buried deep in Earth’s history. Each year we spew more than 100 times as much CO2 into the air as volcanoes do, and we’re currently overseeing the biggest disruption to the planet’s nitrogen cycle in 2.5 billion years. But despite this incredible effort, all is vanity. Very little of our handiwork will survive the obliteration of the ages. If 100 million years can easily wear the Himalayas flat, what chance will San Francisco or New York have?”1


“We know that CO2 concentrations have risen from pre-industrial levels of 280 parts per million (ppm) to approximately 410 ppm today, the highest recorded in at least three million years. Without major mitigation efforts, we are likely to reach 560 ppm by around 2060.